GU10 Halogen bulbs

GU10 halogen bulbs are the most popular spotlight available online and on the high street. All GU10 halogen bulbs are mains voltage (240v) and come in a variety of wattages, colours and lamplifes. GU10 halogen bulbs are easily identified with their two studs on their base/ cap when comparing them to a similar halogen bulb, the MR16  dichroic. Early versions of … Continue reading

Energy Saving MR16

Energy Saving MR16 12v dichroic light bulbs are available in two options. They are “Energy saving halogen MR16” and “MR16 LED” Replacing a standard 12v low voltage (LV) MR16 dichroic bulb with a LED option is not straight forward. LED MR16 bulbs require a DC (Direct Current) driver to operate. Standard12v LV  MR16 dichroic bulbs operate using a 12v AC … Continue reading

2700k Light bulbs, Warm White or Soft Lite? What do they mean?

2700k light bulbs- Warm White- Soft Light candle and golf ball light bulbs  are all the same colour. These terms are just diiferent ways to describe the light colour a low energy CFL light bulb produces. When choosing a low energy light bulb there are many options and  technical issues to consider. Wattage, cap or base, lamp life, voltage and … Continue reading

Dimmable Low Energy Saving Halogen Light Bulbs

Dimmable low energy saving halogen light bulbs or dimmable energy efficient light bulbs offer many benefits to the consumer.- Firstly they reduce energy costs! Then by implementing  a simple principle they offer the customer a low energy light bulb that looks like a standard incandescent light bulb which offers instant light and is fully dimmable. Instead of the traditional filament … Continue reading

Low Energy Saving Light Bulbs That Light Up Instantly

Many people do not like the CFL low energy light bulb and as the dark nights are drawing in and since the clocks have gone back an hour I bet you have noticed a few light bulbs not working in the house. Maybe its time to change those traditional light bulbs for dimmable energy saving halogen replacements. Whether its a … Continue reading

GU10 LED Bulbs Review

GU10 LED bulb information has led to many customers to have been misled when purchasing GU10 LED bulbs. Packaging indicated that the GU10 LED was the equivalent to a GU10 50w halogen bulb but in fact the LED option failed to deliver its promise . Technology has moved at a rapid pace over the last couple of years as the … Continue reading

G9 Halogen Bulbs

G9 bulbs FAQ G9 bulbs are the small halogen capsule lamp now found in most homes in the UK. Many customers who call us regarding G9 halogen bulbs always seem to comment, ” Your G9 bulbs are significantly cheaper than the High Street”. This is true as we pride ourselves in offering a quality product at a competitive price and … Continue reading