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Energy Saving MR16

Energy Saving MR16 12v dichroic light bulbs are available in two options. They are “Energy saving halogen MR16” and “MR16 LED” Replacing a standard 12v low voltage (LV) MR16 dichroic bulb with a LED option is not straight forward. LED MR16 bulbs require a DC (Direct Current) driver to operate. Standard12v LV  MR16 dichroic bulbs operate using a 12v AC … Continue reading

Dimmable Low Energy Saving Halogen Light Bulbs

Dimmable low energy saving halogen light bulbs or dimmable energy efficient light bulbs offer many benefits to the consumer.- Firstly they reduce energy costs! Then by implementing  a simple principle they offer the customer a low energy light bulb that looks like a standard incandescent light bulb which offers instant light and is fully dimmable. Instead of the traditional filament … Continue reading