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Energy Saving Halogen SES e14

We have a great selection of energy saving halogen SES e14 bulbs available from Eveready Light Bulbs. Halogen SES bulbs are the typical small Edison screw named after the man who created the light bulb, Thomas Edison. Halogen SES bulbs have been around since the very creation of the light bulb and they are still popular to this day. Halogen E14 bulbs is the base of the light bulb which determines how they screw into the actual bulb fixture. Eveready Light Bulb only brings you the highest quality bulbs at the most affordable prices and our energy saving SES e14 bulbs are ideal for the home. As these bulbs are energy saving you can get a lot more for your money whilst saving on electricity bills. All of our SES e14 halogen bulbs are dimmable thus being able to set the mood of your particular room.

We have a great selection of other energy saving halogen bulbs available online and we are always updating our stock. Do not hesitate to check back for updates within this particular range.

Energy Saving Halogen SES e14
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