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2700k Light bulbs, Warm White or Soft Lite? What do they mean?

2700k light bulbs- Warm White- Soft Light candle and golf ball light bulbs  are all the same colour. These terms are just diiferent ways to describe the light colour a low energy CFL light bulb produces.

When choosing a low energy light bulb there are many options and  technical issues to consider. Wattage, cap or base, lamp life, voltage and now the colour of the light bulb. The colour? What do you mean? More confusion?!

Well, it all depends on where the low energy light bulb is to be situated in your home or its application. I also believe it comes down to personal preference. Take for example Mc Donalds, the majority of their lighting is cool white (40o0K). You may find this type of light to harsh for a domestic situation therfore the colour a 2700K light bulb would be more suitable.  2700K is the colour temperature of the low energy reducing light bulb measured in Kelvin.  (Kelvin is a unit of measurement which heat is measured.) A 2700K light colour  most mimics the output of a traditional incandescent light bulb. The 2700k light is the most popular option for domestic situations as they emphasise colour of wallpapers and wall coverings. Due to the incandescent glow / colour produced, it is technically known as Warm White or Soft Lite.

So offering low energy light bulbs with different colour temperatures allows the low energy bulb to enhance the environment where it is to be situated.

3500k = White. Standard Fluorescent tubes use theis colour

4000k = Cool White – Ideal for shops, offers good colour rendering

6000k = Daylight- Schools are now using this colour, results are showing better results and behaviour in the classroom.

2700k = Warm White. Best for home situations


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