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Dimmable Low Energy Saving Halogen Light Bulbs

Dimmable low energy saving halogen light bulbs or dimmable energy efficient light bulbs offer many benefits to the consumer.- Firstly they reduce energy costs! Then by implementing  a simple principle they offer the customer a low energy light bulb that looks like a standard incandescent light bulb which offers instant light and is fully dimmable.

Instead of the traditional filament used in a standard incandescent light bulb, a G9 halogen bulb ( burns xenon gas brighter at a lower temperature than a filament light bulb to achieve the equivalent output) is situated within the “envelope” of a standard light bulb shape. Dimmable low energy saving halogen light bulbs reduce energy costs by 30%, are also significantly less expensive to produce compared to CFL low energy bulbs, making them an ideal alternative when you are searching for an energy efficient light bulb that matches your budget.

So a traditional incandescent GLS, Golf ball and Candle 40w bulb can be replaced with a 28w dimmable energy efficent halogen option. A 60w traditional incandescent light bulb can be replaced with a energy efficient 42w candle, 42w golf ball or 42w  GLS halogen light bulb.

Please note all the energy efficient halogen candle, halogen golf and halogen GLS are only available in a clear appearance. Pearl or difussed light bulbs for the domestic market are no longer manufactured due to EU regulations. Rough Service light bulbs specifically made for the commercial market are available in a pearl finish. However the label on the light bulb will state “Not suitable for the domestic market”. Well ladies and gentlemen we are all grown ups and we should be allowed to decide which light bulbs are suitable to be used in our dwellings.

(Spotlights such as the R80, R63 and R50 reflector bulbs are available  in dimmable  energy efficient  versions and in a diffused finish as they are deemed to be mainly used in commercial environments.)

The dimmable energy saving halogen light bulb range is available in all caps / bases (B22d, E14, E27, B15d). I nearly forgot to mention that energy efficient MR16 dichroic, low energy G4 capsules and low energy G9 bulbs are available in energy saving halogen options. If you have any questions give us a call on 0191 5341013.

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