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Energy Saving MR16

Energy Saving MR16 12v dichroic light bulbs are available in two options. They are “Energy saving halogen MR16” and “MR16 LED”

Replacing a standard 12v low voltage (LV) MR16 dichroic bulb with a LED option is not straight forward. LED MR16 bulbs require a DC (Direct Current) driver to operate. Standard12v LV  MR16 dichroic bulbs operate using a 12v AC (Alternating Current) transformer. LED drivers can operate more lamps than a driver but they cost considerably more – plus the installation cost may make the whole exercise pointless. In my opinion if you would like LED bulbs then remove the 12v tranformer, convert the GU5.3  lamp holder to a GU10 lamp holder and install GU10 LED bulbs -this would reduce energy costs by up to 90%. If your MR16 dichroics are on a dimmer and you wish to convert to LED please ask an electrician for advise. Due to the drop in load the GU10 LED bulbs would offer your dimmer may not be adequete and cause the GU10 LEDs to flicker.

The simple and most cost effective option is the energy saving halogen MR16. The gas inside  the dichroic lamp burns brighter at a lower operating temperature thus the drop in wattage to achieve the desired lumen output.

Energy Saving MR16 14w = 20w

Energy Saving MR16 25w = 35w

Energy Saving MR16 35w= 50w

Energy Saving MR16 halogen dichroics are rated at 2000hours are fully dimmable and reduce you lighting cost by 20%

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