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G9 Halogen Bulbs

G9 bulbs FAQ

G9 bulbs are the small halogen capsule lamp now found in most homes in the UK. Many customers who call us regarding G9 halogen bulbs always seem to comment, ” Your G9 bulbs are significantly cheaper than the High Street”. This is true as we pride ourselves in offering a quality product at a competitive price and have sold thousands of this light bulb over recent years.

Eveready G9 bulbs are packed in strips of ten bulbs and boxes of fifty, hence we are able to offer competitive pricing. It is more efficient to supply a customer a strip of ten lamps than it is to break into a packet and supply an individual bulb.

Why is a G9 bulb so popular? The main advantage that a G9 halogen lamp has over a other halogen capsule light bulbs like the M47 G4 12v 20w  is that they do not require a transformer. Removing the transformer from the light fitting dramatically reduces the cost making contempory designer lighting more accessible.

SinceG9 light bulbs came into the market place over ten years ago various forms have appeared. The first improvement was the dimpled G9 bulb. The dimple or pinch gave the filament of the G9 lamp extra strength and thus extended its lamp life. Then came the energy saving halogen G9 bulb. By introducing a xenon gas into the capsule the G9 light bulb can burn brighter using less power or wattage. The latest  offering is the G9 LED however this particular bulb has three major disadvantages. Firstly its appearance is ugly. The LEDs are visable which does not endear them to light fittings where asthetic appearance is high on the agenda.  Next the physical size of the bulb is considerably greater than the traditional capsule. This prevents it from slotting into the glass covers originally located on the light fitting and finally the last drawback is the G9 LED is non dimmable. (Many domestic G9 bulb installations have dimmers to suit different applications.) So this brings us full circle. The most popular G9 halogen light bulb available  is still the humble, fully dimmable, 2000 hour, G9 40w or G9 25w.

We also get asked “Why are frosted G9 bulbs no longer available?” Apparently the EU states a frosted coating prevents the light bulb offering its full potential output ! We know this reduces the ouput but it also prevents glare but the EU feels we are not grown up enough to to choose the option to suit our homes.  Diffused / frosted GLS, candle and Golf ball light bulbs are becoming available as “Rough Service light bulbs”. This particular range states on the packaging “Not suitable for domestic use” People choose to ignore this as the only difference is the coating of the light bulb. As Rough Service lamps are supposed to be for the conmmercial sector I do not see the return of the G9 frosted halogen  light bulb for some time.

Is there a low energy G9 Bulb? Yes, the G9 28w. This light bulb offers 40w output but only requires 28w to produce the equivalent lumen output. What is the average life of a G9 bulb? Is there a long life option? Standard G9 bulbs have an average lamp life of 2000 hours. Long life options are now available 5000 hours.

How do you remove a G9 bulb? Simply pull the bulb out. Install by plugging the bulb into its socket.

Does it matter if I replace a G9 bulb that has “spade connectors” as to the standard looped pins? It makes no difference at all. Pins or spades, both are suitable. They are just different vairations of the G9 bulb manufactured.

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