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GU10 Halogen bulbs

GU10 halogen bulbs are the most popular spotlight available online and on the high street. All GU10 halogen bulbs are mains voltage (240v) and come in a variety of wattages, colours and lamplifes. GU10 halogen bulbs are easily identified with their two studs on their base/ cap when comparing them to a similar halogen bulb, the MR16  dichroic. Early versions of the GU10 halogen bulb used to take MCBs out when they failed.This wasdue to the filament failing causing the circuit to go open. This was very annoying to the consumer as whole areas or rooms in a building would be plunged into darkness due to a single GU10 bulb blowing. All major manufacturers of GU10 halogen bulbs addressed this “fault” by installing a twin fuse in the base of the GU10 bulb.

Another point to consider is when dimming a circuit containing GU10 halogen bulbs. We recommend you install a dimmer that can handle twice the load on the circuit. EG. If you have 4x GU10 50w = 200w load then choose a dimmer that can handle 400w load.

Tip: Replace a GU10 50w with a GU10 35w and save 30% on your electicity bill. Many new builds  I feel have gone overboard with the quantity of GU10 halogen bulbs installed per room – and most family members never turn off the bulbs when they leave the room – thats what its like in my house anyway. I bet if you swapped the bulb with a lower wattage bulb ( don’t tell anyone) and no one will notice! We have offered this advise to many of our commercial customers who now always order the GU10 35w option.

As a standarg GU10 bulb gas a lamp life of 2000 hours, commercial clients prefer the long life GU10 halogen bulb (5000 hours).(GU10 long life are also suitable for the home.) This option of GU10 bulb uses xenon gas to extend the lamp life and for only a small increase to the cost of the bulb they offer real value for money.

So you could opt for this combination. Remove your standard GU10 50w bulb and install a GU10 35w long life bulb to reduce your energy costs and reduce the amount of time you spend changing GU10 halogen bulbs in your house.


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