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GU10 LED Bulbs Review

GU10 LED bulb information has led to many customers to have been misled when purchasing GU10 LED bulbs. Packaging indicated that the GU10 LED was the equivalent to a GU10 50w halogen bulb but in fact the LED option failed to deliver its promise . Technology has moved at a rapid pace over the last couple of years as the quest for this “Holy Grail gathered pace. There are GU10 LED bulbs which can now match the inital promise, offeing an equivalent 50w or even higher. Legislation now requires manufacturers of GU10 LED bulbs to indicate the light bulbs Lumen output. This makes it a level playing field and easier for customers to identify the correct GU10 LED bulb for their application.

Basically the higher the Lumen equals the brighter the GU10 LED.

Dimmable GU10 LEDs are available. The dimmable GU10 LED vary in physical appearance. To obtain the high lumen output a larger heat sink may be situated on the back of the bulb. A heat sink is required as contrary to popular belief GU10 LED lamps do create tremendousheat at the back of the bulb. This heat has to be disapted otherwise the life expectancy of the bulb will dramatically reduce.

But please take care when choosing a dimmable GU10 LED bulb. Due to their significantly reduced wattage your dimmer may not operate. Typically a dimmer requires over 50w. If you have less than ten GU10 bulbs on a circuit I would reconsider your options .( Also the dimmer will have to be a “Trailing or leading edge dimmer”.)

Eveready Light Bulbs latest GU10 LED is the S5193  GU10 LED 4w SMD 300 Lumens. (SMD =Surface mounted diodes) This GU10 LED light bulb offers the equivalent output of approximetley 35w.

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